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East Hampton | weekend getaway

James and I got a car last week and it was the perfect excuse to get away for the weekend! We picked up our new car on Saturday morning, grabbed Bella and headed out East for the night.

East Hampton | Mill House Inn | whatsarahknows | weekeend escape

Mill House Inn in East Hampton

I don’t even know where to begin when raving about this incredible spot! The breakfast they serve in the morning is reason enough to pack up your car and book a night here. Though, this place is more than just their amazing breakfast. They are dog-friendly, have the most insanely comfortable beds ever, giant soaking tubs in the rooms, a great location and the all-day snacks set up in the main building and everyone that works there is lovely. Clearly, I am a fan. We are already planning our return trip. Now that we have a car, we are excited about doing a lot of weekend getaways from the city – so if you have any favorites or recommendations please let me know!

East Hampton | Mill House Inn | whatsarahknows | weekeend escape

Soaking Tub in our Room


1770 House for dinner | My favorite dinner spot in East Hampton

East Hampton | Mill House Inn | whatsarahknows | weekend escape

The beginning of our breakfast at the Mill House Inn | SO INCREDIBLE!


Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and Blueberry Pancakes

File this under one of the perks of pregnancy, a giant delicious breakfast where I got to order everything I want!

east hampton | australian shepherd East Hampton Beach

We hit up the beach three times during our 24 hour period out East, it was lovely to go with Bella who was the happiest pup in the world this weekend

East Hampton| Australian Shepherd | Bella Rose

Bella sticking her tongue out at the idea of leaving the beach and heading back to NYC

South Hampton

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend!

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