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west village, new york  | whatsarahknowsMost weekends spark a mass exodus from the island of Manhattan. A summer weekend in the city, while not everyones cup of tea, can be incredibly great and relaxing. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good summer weekend trip, but traveling can be exhausting and sometimes a good stay-cation is the best. Seriously, it can be rather lovely in NYC on those hot summer weekends when everyone else has gone. It feels like you have the whole city to yourself. It provides the perfect opportunity to do things you don’t usually do, or check out those restaurants where you can never get a reservation. James and I were having dinner on Friday night at il gattopardo following an awesome caviar tasting at Petrossian. James had never dined at il gattopardo before and we realized we both get stuck in our usual restaurants and New York has so much to offer that we need to branch out. We made a pact that for the rest of the weekend we would only dine at places we had not been to before.

Joe the Art of Coffee | whatsarahknowsSaturday morning, was Coffee at Joe in the West Village, which crazily enough neither of us had been. We did keep up with our non food and drink Saturday rituals, like dog park with Bella and Barry’s Bootcamp, which we do every Saturday. Cocktails at Parish in Park Slope

{Cocktails at Parish in Park Slope | iPhone Case}

whatsarahknows in Park Slope

Parish Cocktails


{Love this easy summer dress from Reformation, great inexpensive clothing line that I love!}

omakase at Sushi Katsuei

omakase at Sushi Katsuei

omakase at Sushi Katsuei


{Omakase at Sushi Katsuei  in Park Slope | Amazing sushi and a great price for Omakase}

My advice go to Sushi Katsuei, sit at the sushi bar and order Omakase. I happily found this place after reading a glowing review about it on Infatuation. The omakase starts at $50 dollars a head and it far exceeded my expectations, truly an amazing omakase experience.

Burger at The Spotted Pig

The Spotted Pig

The Spotted Pig


{Spotted Pig | The perfect Sunday night spot}

James and I got to The Spotted Pig on Sunday at 5:30pm, and the place was packed. We put our name on the list with the hostess, who said around 40 minutes (it took 25), but we were happy to wait for an hour because we had nowhere to be and this is an awesome and happy place to have a drink or two and pass the time. We snagged two seats at the bar and drank Old Speckled Hen on tap (my fave) until our table was ready. The meal was so good – we split all three things you see above and it was perfect. This is such a cozy and chill spot, that always provides a good time, great people watching and delicious food! Fact, I do not love blue cheese on my burger but I LOVE this burger which has blue cheese on it.

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