Well Matched

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wel matched

well matched


church street

Phillip Lim Skirt

matching the window boxes

well matched


I am going to apologize in advance, because I plan on gushing about Charleston for the next few posts. I bought this Phillip Lim skirt about a month ago and have been dying to find the right time (and weather) to wear it.  One of my first nights at home coincided with the Preview Party for the Charleston Antique Show which provided the perfect opportunity to wear the skirt. I was skeptical on the Suno crop top at first, but I have already worn it twice and I find it so effortless. These Prada sandals are one of my best purchases ever and I only wish I had bought two pairs, because I wear them all the time. The skirt is classic and timeless and can be worn at basically any occasion, dressed with a variety of tops and shoes. I’m already thinking about the next outfit around this skirt.


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