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whatsarahknowswhatsarahknows  // summer whites

hat game  // whatsarahknows



whatsarahknows  //  summer in the city

whatsarahknnows  // all white

sarah rose johnson  // whatsarahknows


whatsarahknows  // nyc summer






WhatSarahKnows  //  Celine Bag, D.Ra Skirt & Top, Hat Attack


d.Ra Skirt & Top // whatsarahknows

d.Ra Top |  d.Ra Skirt | Hat Attack (similar on sale)  |  Sandals  |  Celine Bag (on sale) |  Sunglasses

I was casually browsing Shopbop (as one does) and came across this set. There was a negative review that really threw me off, but I decided to order anyways (knowing I could always send it back). Well, I ordered the xs which fit perfectly and the negative review I read was dead wrong, because I didn’t find it to be see-through in the slightest (I asked James several times to confirm). The price is definitely right and think this is a great summer outfit. Added bonus, the pieces can go together or separate! This was the Friday of Fourth of July and before heading out to stay with friends in Locust Valley for the night, we had a lovely morning in the city. We had breakfast at one of my favorite neighborhood cafes, Blue Stone Lane. I love their Brekkie Board and Avocado Toast (insta-evidence of my longtime love) – a must visit even if it is just for a quick coffee and also an important note is they have prime outdoor seating. As I approach my very last year in my twenties (yikes), I am ever aware of protecting my skin from the sun and with this hat I think I look pretty chic while doing so!

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