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Winter Wardrobe | Stylish Comforts

Pearl Ring | Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask | Turtle Neck Sweater (lots of colors) | Scarf | Grey Jacket | Rag and Bone Hat (the color I bought) | Nike’s |  P.J’s | Book | Boots | Cashmere Sweater Dress (more colors) | Black Jeans | Blanket (on sale) | Lipstick (limited edition color Red Vixen) | Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath | Booties

My discover of Dr. Singha’s Aromatic Mustard Bath has been a HUGE game-changer in my life. This bath, in my mind, is the ideal way to end the day. It is great for stress and will help you relax, and I promise I always have the best nights sleep after using this bath. I’m serious, google this product and you will see how many people swear by this formula for a multitude of ailments. The warmth of the Mustard assists in opening the pores of your skin helping you to sweat out impurities. You add 2oz to your bath and then soak for 20 minutes. I recommend bringing some water with you, because by the end this will have you seriously perspiring (sorry for the TMI). Follow the directions on the back and I promise you will be re-ordering this product over and over again!

Here are some of my favorite winter clothing, and what I tend to wear and use on repeat all winter long! I love these classic black boots, they are by far the best pair of black boots I have seen these season. My favorite for this season and into winter is this amazing sweater dress, which is chic and comfortable!

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