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I am almost six months postpartum and finally feel like I am starting to get into a groove with our new life. I am better at managing my time, expectations, and finding some “me time” around the little man’s schedule. This includes getting back into the workout program with taking classes (trying to do Barry’s twice a week), BBG when Henry naps or a quick run at the gym. I have noticed a huge improvement in my mood when I workout, I am much more patient and happier. I have always known this about myself but now there is also a physical component – I want to wear my old clothing again.

I have a closet (or two) full of them! I am in a weird clothing place, I haven’t bought clothing in a long time with the exception of some nursing friendly bras and tops (boring) and one pair of jeans so I didn’t have to continue to wear pregnancy jeans…I didn’t want to buy any clothing because my body is changing but I did buy these jeans from old navy for this awkward in-between phase. The price was right, they are high waisted and I highly recommend them to anyone that finds themselves in this situation.

As I get slightly closer to my old size I need new workout wear that actually fit me because the fit is important when working out. A lot are too stretched out to wear in a workout anymore and I tried to wear a pair of old Lululemon leggings to a Barry’s class last week and realized I was giving an eyeful to the people around me (I am mortified and sorry). So that inspired me to invest in some new workout gear that fit me, made me feel good and provide another incentive to go and do something active! Here are some items that I have invested in and are on my radar to check out soon:

I did this Rec Kit from OV and I got so many compliments, that I immediately ordered more of their leggings! True story, they arrived today and I am thrilled! The kit was a great intro and they give you a discount form the regular price of the items when you order it. This is my first time wearing OV leggings and I found them very supportive, flattering and particularly perfect for that troublesome postpartum tummy area.  I got this sweatshirt from them and have been loving it, James even got one for himself after seeing how much I was enjoying mine.

I am obsessed with these leggings and it seems that so is everyone else in NYC. All the girls working at Bandier had them on as well as my half of the girls in my Barry’s class. I have had my eye on them for awhile and I love the compressed snug fit. I haven’t worn them to workout yet but excited to try them out.

I started wearing allbirds during my pregnancy and am on about my fifth pair, James is equally obsessed and I can’t say enough good things about these awesome kicks. I am never far from my large BKR water bottle, I love it but for workout classes, I like the swell bottle better (not so bulky).

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